Bowl Stories Ben Donath & Viola Molzen

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Author: Ben Donath & Viola Molzen
Sku: 73379-int
ISBN: 978-3-8327-3379-7
EAN: 9783832733797
Format: 19 x 25 cm
176 pp, 83 color photographs
Text: English
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  • Bowl Stories features bowl-based meals you can enjoy anywhere: on the couch, in bed, sitting on the windowsill, or even at the table
  • Classic dishes with fun twists—a culture clash right in your bowl
  • Easy but also sophisticated recipes that will inspire you to cook, add your own special touches, and try new dishes

Bowl Stories: Authors Ben & Viola chose this name for their cookbook because eating food out of bowls is not just a trend, but rather an expression of their love for food itself. Eating meals out of a bowl or even a pot is what they both would define as the ultimate pleasure. A bowl can be cradled in one hand, making it easy to enjoy a meal at work, on the couch, or standing up. Eating from a bowl is practical and sensual at the same time. All the ingredients and components are close together, making it easy to unite them in a single spoonful. Ben and Viola serve traditional dishes with a special touch: Discover recipes such as Asian Carbonara with Pork Belly, Chilled Pea Soup with Nectarine Yakitori Skewers, and Hay Panna Cotta.

Bowl Stories