Dirk Nowitzki Dino Reisner

The German Giant

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Author: Dino Reisner
Sku: 71002-int
ISBN: 978-3-96171-002-7
EAN: 9783961710027
Format: 25 x 32 cm
224 pp, 175 color and 5 b/w photographs
Text: German and English
Weight: 1,8 kg

From the DJK Würzburg to becoming bronze medal winner at the 2002 World Championships in the USA, from German Wunderkind to NBA champion and sixth on the NBA’s all-time scorers list
A dynamic, high-quality photo volume with impressive large-scale photos; a celebration of a sports superstar and a human story well beyond statistics and results


What do Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Wilt Chamberlain have in common? They are all basketball legends, and the only five NBA players ranked higher on the all-time points list than Dirk Nowitzki. The giant man from Unterfranken is the only non-American in this elite group. And then came March 7th, 2017: in the second period of a game against the LA Lakers, Nowitzki fires off his patented one-legged fadeaway shot and scores. This basket allows him to break the 30,000-point mark! On his way to becoming a cult figure in the sport, Nowitzki has long since reached the highest level. This photo volume shows how it all happened. The boy from Würzburg became a Bundesliga and national team player, then made the leap to the NBA, made a name for himself there, won a championship, broke records, and proved himself to be a top-level player, game after game, for nearly 20 years. Dino Reisner describes not only the big picture behind this stellar career, but also the little anecdotes and important people who have crossed Nowitzki’s path over the years. An attractive and dynamic layout with 125 spectacular and emotional photographs makes this book a true pleasure and treasure for basketball fans.


 For more than two decades DINO REISNER has been following the career of Dirk Nowitzki. When only 16 years old he saw the native of Würzburg, Germany, whirling across the basketball courts. In his home town of Bayreuth, Reisner himself took the orange leather in hand. After completing studies in Bamberg and Berlin, he took over the sports desk for the Bavarian edition of the daily newspaper called Die Welt in Munich. Later he went into business for himself as an independent journalist and book author. He has worked, for example, for Bild, Kicker-Sportmagazin and the TV station Sky as well as authored multiple non-fiction books and biographies. From 2014 to 2016 Reisner lived in Leipzig and worked as the communications manager for the German national league basketball team Mitteldeutscher BC. Reisner has already written two successful biographies about the German basketball superstar: German Wunderkind (2004) and Die Dirk-Nowitzki-Story (2011). He has visited the NBA professional multiple times where he now lives in Dallas.

Dirk Nowitzki