Feeding the Future Lohralee Astor & Tali Shine

Clean Eating for Children & Families

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Author: Lohralee Astor & Tali Shine
Sku: 73343-int
ISBN: 978-3-8327-3343-8
EAN: 9783832733438
Format: 19 x 25 cm
176 pp, 150 color and 50 b/w photographs
Text: English
Weight: 0,8 kg

  • Delicious, clean, and nutritious dishes for the whole family
  • More than 70 easy-to-follow recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Feeding the Future is filled with inspiring, creative recipes that all family members—from those aged two to grown-up “kidults”—will love and enjoy. These recipes are clean, nutritious, and delicious, as well as fun, and easy-to-make. This book is the perfect tool for health-conscious and time-stretched parents.

Our notion of clean eating is using simple and fresh ingredients in their most natural state. We say no to wheat, refined sugar, and genetically modified oils, as they can be addictive, acidic, energy-depleting, or cause mood swings and hyperactivity in children.

We have made sure to include a range of dishes that avoid dairy, nuts, eggs, and meat to try and accommodate every child, even those with specific dietary requirements and allergies!

Because children are growing and developing, it’s important that they consume adequate vitamins and nutrients through their diets. This is why our book is full of wholesome recipes; children are, after all, our future. There is no need to compromise our children’s health by settling for less than ideal choices simply for their convenience. Feeding the Future makes clean eating for kids scrumptious, fun, and easy.

Feeding the Future