TADA’s Revolution Susan Chi

Mischief in Miniature

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Author: Susan Chi
Sku: 73366-int
ISBN: 978-3-8327-3366-7
EAN: 9783832733667
Format: 15 x 19 cm
128 pp, 76 color photographs
Hardcover with jacket
Text: English
Weight: 0,4 kg

  • A whimsical and sometimes darkly humorous collection of photo stories showcasing a cast of handcrafted miniature animal dolls in imaginative and intricate miniature sets
  • Enter a delightful and thrilling fictionalized society of animal characters that cleverly mirrors all that is mundane, flawed, and fantastic in human society
  • A unique and dynamic gift for anyone fascinated by miniatures, toys, handmade art, puppetry, vintage collectibles, set design, picturebooks, theater, and the list goes on

TADA’s Revolution is a playful, visual journey into the fantastical and imaginative miniature worlds of Los Angeles-based artist, Susan Chi. Chronicling the various adventures and stories of toys and miniature animal characters, the book is a wondrous showcase of carefully and meticulously-crafted and detailed sets and dioramas, using all miniature items, objects, and furniture handmade by Chi or from the artist’s own collection of vintage toys curated specially from auctions, toy stores, and flea markets around the world. Each of the photo stories gleefully portrays the often absurd moments and artificiality of human nature and modern life, while relaying such universal themes as mischief, honesty, curiosity, compassion, fear, and wonder. Laced with a subtle dark humor yet exuding an overall joyful and childlike spirit that lives within us all, it is easy to see why Chi’s imagery has captivated the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike, and has amassed an international and loyal following on Flickr and social media. teNeues is pleased to present the first printed anthology of Susan Chi’s work, TADA’s Revolution: Mischief in Miniature.

SUSAN CHI is a self-taught multimedia artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She specializes in fiber and textile arts, miniatures and set building, photography and stop-motion animation. 

TADA’s Revolution